C L A S S || F I F T E E N

This is a 15-week class, so that means at Class 15, we're halfway there you guys!  =) 

Group critique of progress on Prototype continues today! Those of the group who got group feedback last week: peer reviews and mark-up of proofs. 


  1. Refine letters a e o n p H O D (add 'd' to this Round 01 proof set before moving on to Round 02 proof if you haven't already). Proof, and refine more before moving on.
  2. Continue to letters of Round 02 proof (marked in magenta). Bring printed proofs for class on Thursday.

    Note: If you are not confident in your Round 01, do not move on to Round 02. You will not fall behind if you spend more time refining the control characters, but you will get overwhelmed if you give yourself too many unresolved glyphs to work on.

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