C L A S S || T W O

Review of sketches, discussion & selection of 3 to refine/work on
Introduction/installation of Glyphs font editor & in-class bezier drawing from sketches. (Digitize selected ampersands (3and begin to refine)


  1. Continue to digitize and refine your ampersands 
  2. Name your glyphs 'ampersand', 'ampersand.alt', and 'ampersand.alt2' (You can use this Glyphs file as a starting point if you like, it has the glyph cells already in there.)
  3. When happy with your shapes, name your font in the Font Info Window, Generate an OTF and install your font (you can just drop it in your 'Fonts' folder or install using FontBook or another font management software
  4. Use this template proof to show your 3 ampersands on one letter-size sheet. It should look something like this when finished.

Glyphs Sketching tutorial
Glyphs Drawing Good Paths tutorial

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