C L A S S || F O U R

Review sketches and collected source materials for Digital Sketching. Decide on a direction to go in. Refine ampersands and prepare final submission for next class (PDF & print out). Review any drawing issues.

Now that you have decided on a direction, begin to fuse your ideas into sketches for the letterforms a d e o i n H O and refine the sketches you had for last class. Work on the sketches at a larger or smaller size depending on how the last round went, and with a view to allowing you to compare related features of your letterforms, as well as allowing you the scale to define these details for digitization. For next class, bring all the sketches you have made so far, and the final set you have achieved. This final set should show all 8 letters at the same scale and with the same alignments, so that you can digitize them to scale, and so that the relative weights are consistent. 


  1. Make sure your sketches show your letters as a solid grey or black (rather than just outlines, or with dominant outlines) so that you can make sure the color you are achieving is consistent across the forms. 
  2. Make sure your sketches are crisp and that related forms like serifs, in-strokes, stems and curved parts bear a relationship to each other. 

If you have not already read/watched the readings from last class, please read these for next class as well as Mark Jamra's Form and Proportion in a Text Typeface