C L A S S || N I N E

Introduction to Logotype project. Begin researching and sketching.


  1. Brainstorm ideas for your semester-long project and, conscious that certain letters are more helpful to a type designer than others, begin to think of words for your hypothetical word-mark and collect as much reference material as you can for next class.
  2. Refine this brainstorm into 6 potential words/mastheads/logos and sketch 3 approaches for each (18 total) (may be useful to practice some lettering first and refer to Flat-tipped pen exercise from 'Lettering & Type' provided in class)
  3. Focus on personality and context of wordmark. Give it a real world purpose so that you have a starting point for an accompanying typeface later. Be as expressive and creative as possible. Show off your hand-lettering skills or set yourself a challenge.
  4. Collect examples of contexts in which your wordmark will be seen. ie. newspaper, screen, book, signage, packaging etc.

Lettering & Type