C L A S S | F O U R

Review of ampersand proofs. Lecture on Approaches to the Design of Letterforms, Intro to adeoinHO. Typemaking. Individual Feedback.


  1. Refine ampersand shapes based on feedback from critique.
  2. Begin to digitize your accompanying uppercase letters.
  3. Sketch the lowercase letters a d e o i n.
  4. Bring any references you have been using to discuss alongside your high-quality sketches.

Note: The letters you are building to match or complement your 2 ampersands are not those that you will be making into a typeface. This first project is a drawing practice assignment, and aimed at getting you up to speed in Glyphs. After this you will have another discrete project before moving into the large scale type design project, so don't worry if you are not completely in love with your ampersands currently. However, do try to be experimental, and gather references for the shapes you build. The benefit of the smaller character set is you can make some weird and wild shapes and not have to worry about building hundreds of related forms all with the same level of weirdness. So now is the time to throw caution to the winds!

Gerry Leonidas' The Origin of Adhesion or watch the video 
William Addison Dwiggin's letter to Rudolph Ruzicka
Classification/Anatomy of Type Scans