C L A S S | S E V E N

Second group critique of monograms/ampersands. Class time to work.


  1. Continue refining your monograms, aiming to have 2 finished monograms for Monday's final critique

  2. Finish any refinements to your ampersands to show alongside your monograms on Monday

  3. Begin to think of words for your hypothetical word-mark and collect as much reference material as you can for next class. Consider words that will give you DNA to play with. Useful letters are lowercase a, e, i, o, n, s, and uppercase H, O, D, E, S, A

N.B. For Monday's critique please print your work as follows:

  • 1 x letter-size proof (B&W) showing your 3 ampersands side by side
  • 2 x letter-size proofs (B&W) showing each of your monograms on a single sheet at the same scale
  • Any related explorations at same scale to compare and markup