C L A S S | N I N E

UPDATED Feb 15th

Individual Feedback on sketches/In-class sketching. Continued research on reference material. Bear in mind that you are aiming to build a library of references for shapes with your personality words in mind.


  1. Continue sketching aiming for at least 18 sketches for 6 approaches
  2. In a short paragraph, for each wordmark, outline the key aspects in abstract terms relating to personality (3 words for each direction at least), purpose and features. 

N.B. We are a class behind where we should be, so please come with lots of high quality sketches for next class for you to choose from, based on quality references. You are aiming to create personality through form, so the references help you to define what shapes give what personality or feeling. Your references can and should go beyond typography, but avoid using color or texture as references too much for now, except as secondary references. You should be looking at how shape and form reflect personality.

Calligraphic Resource from THE ABC of Custom Lettering