C L A S S | S I X

Lecture/Demo on Spacing, Related forms, Alignments. First group critique of ampersand progress/refinements


Continue digitizing/refining your uppercase letters in combination with your 2 ampersands in 2 monograms. 

N.B. This project's due date has been updated to be next Wednesday the 14th. We will have one last full-class critique of your monograms next Monday 12th. I have also updated the schedule to reflect the new critiquing structure and this moved deadline.

Martina Flor on Wonderhand
William Berkshire's ILoveTypography article part 1 & part 2 
and write a 200 word response, summarizing the key points and reflecting on the content with regard to your work. Submit this by email before next class.

Mark Jamra's Basic Character Spacing
Walter Tracy's spacing guide
Type Basics (TypeWorkshop)