W E E K | T E N

Half group individual feedback. Watch Harry Baker, and be inspired to find your own voice and rhythm through your type.


  1. Continue to work on refining shapes of Round 01 & Round 02 proofs when completely happy with shapes of Round 02; (feel free to email Aoife over the break for input, I want you to keep moving so please don't hesistate!)
  2. Continue to Round 03 proof.  I'm also including Round 04 and Round 05 here in case anyone gets really into it and moves quickly. Each of you has different briefs and shape languages to work on so the pace will vary according to the level of difficulty of your brief.
  3. On top of your regular proof, make some 'real-world' settings to test your font in context. Refer to your brief. Set different words, try at different sizes, in different colors, on different printers, with different kinds of imagery. Bring these printed trials for next class. This should preempt your specimen ideas later in the semester. Have some fun here, and remember that these proofs are for you to see if the typeface is doing what you want it to, behaving how you imagined it, and conveying the personality you are aiming for.