class #02

Class Cancelled due to illness


  1. Continue working on ampersands, taking at least 6 ampersands from your sketches to work on at a larger size and in a range of other tools. Consider taking a monoline (no contrast) shape and trying it with a broad nibbed pen, for example, or adding weight to a geometric form to see how the addition of weight affects the proportions and overall shape. We will review these in class on Tuesday and select a few to begin digitizing.

  2. Since I did not get to introduce you to Glyphs App* in person on Thursday, before Tuesday, please download and install** the trial version of GlyphsApp, and review the following tutorials, which should help speed up the intro process on Tuesday =)

    Lynda tutorial with Charles Nix:

    Chapter 2 The Glyphs Workspace (Sections: Font Info, Font View, Essential Tools, Edit Window, Background Layers and guides)

    Chapter 3 Drawing Glyphs (Drawing Glyphs: Sketching, Drawing, Refining; Drawing in Glyphs Basics; Drawing Letterforms in Glyphs)


    Glyphs App Sketching
    Glyphs App Drawing Good Paths

  3. Please remember to email me your selection for the kind of software license you would like to purchase by filling in this form.

* Those of you who are PC users should: install FontForge (I found this charming young man’s intro to downloading and installing for you guys if you haven’t already!) and review this introduction to the UI

**If you find you are getting an error message saying that the app cannot be opened because it was downloaded from an unidentified developer, you may need to go to your System Prefs>Security & Privacy>General>Allow Apps Downloaded from Anywhere, and try to reopen. Often there is already an alert there asking if you want to open the app if is the last piece of software you tried to open.

Any questions, please feel free to email me and I will respond asap. Have a lovely weekend and stay warm =)