class #05

in-class review of ampersand proofs


  1. Continue to refine your ampersands per feedback in class

    Reminder: Install process is as follows:
    Name your font in the Font Info Window
    ’Generate’ an OTF
    install your OTF font (you can just drop it in your 'Fonts' in the Macintosh HD/Library folder or install using FontBook or another font management software

  2. Prepare ampersands for submission (Feb 5th) to include:

    • OTF, Glyphs file and PDF to Google drive of 3 ampersands

    • PDF should show ampersands in B&W and reversed out of 50% grey

    • B&W letter size printed proof of ampersands for mark ups 

    • Laser cut acrylic letterform completes the submission—choose your favorite ampersand, and cut at Fashion’s TechStyleLab — you must make an app through the website. (acrylic letter due Thursday 14th Feb)

Gerry Leonidas' The Origin of Adhesion or watch the video 
Classification/Anatomy of Type Scans