class #06

Thursday 31st: class cancelled due to POlar vortex inclemency.

virtual class:

  • review Beautiful group assignment sheet.

  • Using Type Cooker tool set to ‘easy’ (unless you feel like a challenge!) generate a random brief for your genre of letterforms. To get a new brief, simply refresh the page and the parameters will keep changing.


  • Based on your random brief, begin gathering references

  • Sketch ideas for the letters ahHA!

  • Read: Martina Flor on Wonderhand
    William Berkshire's ILoveTypography article part 1 & part 2 
    and write a 200 word response, summarizing the key points and reflecting on the content with regard to your work. Submit this by email before next class.

  • Read/Review
    Mark Jamra's Form and Proportion in a Text Typeface
    Type Basics (TypeWorkshop)