class #10

Short Review of Beautiful Group. Introduction to Logotype project.


  1. Finish Beautiful group assignment. OTF, Glyphs file, PDF proof + printed proof.

  2. Come up with 6 potential words/mastheads/logos and sketch 3 approaches for each
    (18 total) These can start loose, but should be cleaned up and ready to digitize for next class.

  3. Focus on personality and context of wordmark. Give it a real world purpose so that you have a starting point for an accompanying typeface later. Be as expressive and creative as possible. Show off your hand-lettering skills or set yourself a challenge.

  4. Collect samples of letterforms, lettering and type that relate to your initial sketches

  5. Collect examples of contexts in which your wordmark will be seen

Read & Play with: 
(helpful for trying out different forms of your glyphs)
ILT's guide to Open Type features
Glyphs Tutorial on OpenType Substitution 
For another overview Typofonderie's write up is easy-access