class #11

review sketches for logotypes, visual references and contexts. Choose two words from your 18 sketches to digitize. N.B. if you did not have 18 sketches in class today, make sure you do at least this many, before selecting at least 2 to refine at different scales, considering the shape of the word(s) on the page, as well as the details of the shapes themselves.

Homework: REMINDER This project is DUE next Thursday 28th

  1. In a short paragraph, outline the key aspects of each of your approaches in abstract terms relating to personality, context of use, and key stylistic features you are aiming to make a feature of (this will be folded into your final presentation)

  2. Collect 3 typefaces that embody some or all of the characteristics of each of your wordmark(s)

  3. For next class bring your high quality final sketches, and begin to digitize and print for critique at a range of sizes. For next week, you should have both digitized for critique next Tuesday.

Tobias Frere-Jones new Intro to Type Mechanics 
(as a reinforcement of what we've been discussing in class)