class #13

review of logotypes. full class critique. continue to work on shapes, and prepare a pdf presentation to showcase your logotype for next class. begin research on typefaces for your prototype project and begin writing brief.


Finalize logotype, wrap into 'client' presentation to include:

  1. Logoform @ 3 sizes 

  2. Logoform reversed out of Black and 50% gray

  3. Moodboard/examples of use context highlighting media type (paper, plastic, screen, etc.) and 3 uses for an accompanying typeface.

  4. Printed Proof to use next class.

Begin research on brief for the accompanying typeface, it should clearly outline:

  • personality

  • contexts of use

  • purpose

  • audience

  • width

  • weight

  • contrast

  • variety of potential media

  • related typefaces and influences

Check out this doc with some prompts for you to consider in writing your brief. Remember also the TypeCooker tool in this context for variables to play with.