class #17

Review progress. class time to work.


  1. Refine letters a d e o n s p H O D (and proof using this Round 01 proof need to add ‘s’). Proof multiple times and refine more before moving on to Round 02. (use for generating extra text for proofs as you move through character set—in Safari)

  2. Continue to letters of Round 02 proof (marked in magenta).

  3. Bring printed proofs to both sessions next week, updating the proof to suit the letterforms you have (as the missing forms will cause havoc in spacing)

    Note: If you are not confident in your Round 01, do not move on to Round 02. You will not fall behind if you spend more time refining the control characters, but you will get overwhelmed if you give yourself too many unresolved glyphs to work on.

Pointed Pen Teaching Tool
Flexpen Timelapse from Type[Media Students
David Ross on Noordzij's Stroke Theory 

N.B. There is a letter progression chart here.