class #14

work from home completing your logotype presentations. email Aoife for feedback on your progress.


  1. Alongside completing your pdf presentation, please follow the steps below. This will serve as a visual reference for your written brief. (It's ok if you are still refining, this process should help you also discover any leftover inconsistencies in the shape you are working on):

    • print your logotype in black and white and using layout or tracing paper;

    • trace over and 'dissect' the form you just made, sketching parts of the letterforms and isolating features which show underlying principles or concepts, widths, heights, weight differentials, angles of stature/connection or facets of the shape DNA, and;

    • annotating these features with respect to how you might bring them into a typeface design.

  2. Based on the notes you made about the shapes you have made in the word mark, begin to sketch what the letters HODadeoin might look like for next class based on this dissection. Feel free to explore taking just a couple of features together at a time and iterating, looking for references as you go. The goal is to have a range of explorations to look at before you write your type design brief.

    N.B. We will have some time in class on Tuesday to complete the second part of the homework, task but please do begin to sketch so you are ready to hit the ground running then.