class #15

review of pdf presentations of logotypes by students in small groups & discussion. logotype dissection! begin prototype(b).


  1. Referring to your visual and contextual research, sketches and examples of typefaces and uses, create a written creative brief for your text typeface project. (Here are some prompts) This should be a brief brief(!) covering the ground in as concise a way as possible. It is a brief for you, to keep your process on track, so use it to include things that will help you stay on target along the way. Please email this to me by the start of next class. 


  1. Scans from Hermann Zapf's About Alphabets: Some marginal notes on type design [1] [2]

  2. Thomas Phinney on What does a typical typeface brief look like?

  3. Read & Play with: 
    For another overview Typofonderie's write up is easy-access