week #15

Half class critiques of groups #1 & #2 T/Th with a focus on the specimen, and secondarily on the completion/refinement of the typefaces as follows:


  • Do they show a range of scale?

  • Is it easy to assess spacing?

  • Do the proofs show all the glyphs in the font? (incl. alternates?)

  • Do they put the type in context? 

  • How is the type reacting to its intended purpose?

  • Should the intended purpose update in light of how the text is performing?

  • What should this purpose be? What would be the best way to update the proof for this context: what should be included?

Forms / Spacing:

  • Is there harmony in the forms? Are the consistencies carefully maintained, and do the idiosyncrasies feel deliberate or accidental? How can these be improved?

  • Does the spacing feel consistent? If not, can you identify the culprit?

  • Can you identify candidates for kerning? (ie. where the spacing is good overall, but particular pairs feel loose/tight, and their spacing should not be changed as this will be cause issues, so kerning is the best solution)

  • How would you go about testing the kerning?

    Print Submission:
    Final specimen printed and bound in appropriate full-color media, to scale (if for print) or supplied as a digital file to the Google Drive link

  • Final typeface proof (Round 07) including any extra characters at large size, in spacing strings, and in the body of paragraph.

  • Process work for entire typeface from sketches to iterations in proofs, organized sequentially where possible so I can follow your trajectory through the project.

    Digital Submission:

  • PDF of final ‘Round 07’ proof with an extra characters (as above)

  • PDF of specimen, saved as spreads, no crop marks


  • link to final video/web site etc.