C L A S S || T W O

Discussion of collected typeface specimens, introduction/installation of Glyphs font editor & in-class bezier drawing from sketches.


  1. Continue to digitize and space as well as you can the letters a d e o i n H O
  2. When happy with your shapes and spacing (refer to guides below), generate your font and install it
  3. Make proofs! You will find a sample proof hereUse adhesiontext for interim proofs until you have all the characters.
  4. List in a text file at least 10 things you notice about the shapes in the proof that you didn't notice while you were drawing them.
  5. Submit both PDF proof and typed notes in a named folder to my DB before the start of class 3.

    Gerry Leonidas' The Origin of Adhesion or watch the video 
    Mark Jamra's Basic Character Spacing
    Walter Tracy's spacing guide