C L A S S E S || F I V E + S I X

Short critique establishing best sketches to go forward with. Short lectures on optical adjustments, precedents and relationships in typeface in type design. Began digitization of sketches.

Based on your sketches, digitize the characters adeoinHO and add DBA pgs to complete the required character set for this exercise for its due date of Tuesday 3rd. (You can additionally continue to c, t, v, V) Remember to proof your letterforms thoroughly after every iteration, and make many iterations! Submit all proofs (and there should be more than one!) and your otf file in a folder with your name, to my DB by start of class on Tuesday.

N.B. Thursday the 29th 

  1. Meet in small groups or digitally on Thursday or before next week to critique.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for your semester-long project, which we will start next week. Conscious that certain letters are more helpful to a type designer than others, begin to think of words for your hypothetical word-mark and sketch!
  3. Research styles of lettering or type that you like, bring these to class to discuss.
  4. Sketch like crazy! Using lots of different kinds of tools and mark making (potato type—why not?)

Martina Flor on Wonderhand
Type Basics (TypeWorkshop)
Nick Sherman on Bell Centennial