C L A S S || S E V E N

Critique of Surviving Revival exercise. Intro to Logotype as Prototype! Discussion of collected sketches/resources. 


  1. Come up with 6 potential words/mastheads/logos and sketch 3 approaches for each
    (18 total) (may be useful to practice some lettering first and refer to Flat-tipped pen exercise from 'Lettering & Type' provided in class)
  2. Focus on personality and context of wordmark. Give it a real world purpose so that you have a starting point for an accompanying typeface later. Be as expressive and creative as possible. Show off your hand-lettering skills or set yourself a challenge.
  3. Collect samples of letterforms, lettering and type that relate to your initial sketches
  4. Collect examples of contexts in which your wordmark will be seen

Lettering & Type photocopies:
pp.57-59 Creating Text Letter and Book Type
pp.97-98 Behind a Face