C L A S S || T W E N T Y - O N E

Ampersand Exercise! Group critique/discussion of research for specimen.


  1. Finish ampersand exercise, submit by start of class Tuesday 7th (1 week)
  2. Continue refinements to alphabet based on feedback
  3. Adapt proof from Round 07 to include samples of text for your specimen, in context trials etc. and bring printed proofs for next class.

N.B. Visiting lecturer Thursday 2nd April
Please make sure to arrive on time next class and be prepared to ask questions and have a chat with our visiting lecturer via Skype: Erin McLaughlin, formerly of H&FJ, 2011 SoTA Award Winner, freelance type designer and non-latin expert for Adobe, Google, et al. She will be talking us through some of her work and take on working as a freelance typeface designer.