C L A S S || T W E N T Y - F O U R

...which means... there are 6 of our 30 sessions left... which means... 3 weeks to go! (not including Finals week)

Today, I'll introduction the Specimen brief, and bearing in mind the key points from this, you the majority of the class will meet in small groups or as a full-class to critique of early stages of specimen pieces & lockups. I will aim to give individual feedback to Katie, Jenny, Shelby, Rachel, John, Chase, Micah. The rest of the group should prepare to chat next class.

Since we have a finite amount of time, let's use this wisely: be realistic in your plans for your specimen, and let's set a size and format for the group specimen, and perhaps designate a couple of people to work on it for extra credit: any takers? (you can respond in comments below!)

For each class between now and end of semester, please continue to work on progressing and refining your typeface, bringing printed proofs for each class showing any progress and seeking feedback from either me or your classmates. For Thursday specifically, please bring rough layouts for your specimen. If you prefer to work conceptually for another class and sketch layouts to show, this is fine too but for next week please aim to have some digitized layouts for your specimen for a full class critique.