C L A S S || T W E N T Y - F I V E

Individual feedback for Ann, Bethany, Eric, Jason, Katie, Matt, Morgan, Sam. Group critiques / progress on specimen or typeface.

Update your proof to include all-caps settings
Rough layouts, sketches and inspiration for your specimens, to discuss in small groups

Heads Up / Next Class:
We will split the class and for the first half do group critiques on the specimens (as a breather to allow all of you to complete the feedback so far on your typefaces and to get these off the ground in earnest) and for the second half I am assigning you critiquing trios. These trios (below) are based on your individual typefaces and stages in the process, in order that you get feedback from different people with different strengths and different kinds of typefaces than yours. 

John, Morgan, Eric
Jenny, Bethany, Rachel
Shelby, Matt, Katie 
Micah, SamSarah
Jason, Chase, Ann