C L A S S || T W E N T Y - S I X

Group critiques on the specimens / critiquing trios.

Critiquing trio groups
These are based on your individual typefaces and stages in the process, in order that you get feedback from people with different strengths and different kinds of typefaces than yours. 

John, Morgan, Eric
Jenny, Bethany, Rachel
Shelby, Matt, Katie 
Micah, Sam, Sarah
Jason, Chase, Ann

For Thursday, progress on your printed proofs of both your specimens and progress on your typefaces. I will do individual feedback with the first 8 people to shout, next Tuesday the other half, for both days, the rest of the class should do group crits on the specimen. This is layout design and typography, you should have this in hand without much help, and I'll keep my focus on your typefaces. 

N.B. Thursday the 30th being our last class, we will have a final large-group critique looking at both specimens and proofs. Please bring full-color, full-scale proofs of your specimens. 

Supplementary Reading since we're at that point in the semester: TFJ on Naming a Typeface