C L A S S || T W E N T Y - T H R E E

Individual feedback for Sam, Sarah, Bethany, Morgan, Matt, Jason, Shelby and Eric and everyone else in small group critiques as below.

Small groups should focus on:

Do they show a range of scale?
Is it easy to assess spacing?
Do the proofs show all the glyphs in the font? (incl. alternates?)
Do they put the type in context? 
How is the type reacting to it's intended purpose?
Should the intended purpose update in light of how the text is performing?
What should this purpose be? What would be the best way to update the proof for this context: what should be included?

Forms / Spacing:
Is there harmony in the forms? Are the consistencies carefully maintained, and do the idiosyncrasies feel deliberate or accidental? How can these be improved?
Does the spacing feel consistent? If not, can you identify the culprit?
Can you identify candidates for kerning? (ie. where the spacing is good overall, but particular pairs feel loose/tight, and their spacing should not be changed as this will be cause issues, so kerning is the best solution)
How would you go about testing the kerning?

Continued progress on your typeface, if you are happy with your character set so far, digitize your numerals, and extend your punctuation according to what you see as necessary for your specimen. For next class bring your in-context proofs, type layouts and lock-ups as they might appear in your specimen. Next week we will be focusing more on your specimens, as well as doing some basic kerning.