C L A S S || S E V E N T E E N

Review of Precedents & Optical relationships (see shared files), Spacing in Glyphs, and Components in Glyphs. Class critique of prints.


  1. Continue to work on refining shapes of Round 01 & Round 02 proofs when completely happy with shapes of Round 02; (feel free to email me for input, between classes from here out, I want you to keep moving and proofing regularly, so please don't hesitate!)

  2. Continue to Round 03 proof. I'm also including Round 04 and Round 05 here in case anyone gets really into it and moves quickly. Each of you has different briefs and shape languages to work on so the pace will vary according to the level of difficulty of your brief.

Mark Jamra's Form and Proportion in a Text Typeface and spacing guide, and cross reference with Walter Tracy’s spacing guide. Remember the spacing of a typeface is equally as, if not more important than the design of each individual letterform!