W E E K || E L E V E N

This week, in class, our goal is to complete a first pass at the full character set in the is Round 07 proof by the end of class on Wednesday 7th. This is the full set of required forms for inclusion in your specimen and final submission. However, you should feel free to add numerals or extra punctuation if it will help you create a more well-rounded specimen.

Homework for (next) Week 12:

  1. Complete any missing characters in full character set Round 07, refine and print proof for Monday.

  2. Begin to sketch ideas for your specimen, being considerate of the most interesting details of your typeface, and using content that highlights its usefulness in the context you have defined for its use in your brief. Bring sketches for Monday.

  3. Make some 'real-world' settings to test your font in context. Refer to your brief. Set different words, try at different sizes, in different colors, on different printers, with different kinds of imagery. Bring these printed trials for next class. This should preempt and test your specimen ideas. Have some fun here, and remember that these proofs are for you to see if the typeface is doing what you want it to, behaving how you imagined it, and conveying the personality you are aiming for. Bring prints for Monday.

Check the shared folder for some supplementary readings on the specifics of sans serifs/seriffed and other genres of letterforms.