C L A S S || F O U R

Randall Slaughter's lettering workshop!!


  1. From your own personal explorations and those developed in Randall's workshop today, develop, refine and digitize your 3 ampersand forms, bearing in mind, one of these will lead the way for the accompanying glyphs in the next step below.
  2. Once you are happy with your ampersands, choose one to derive and digitize the shapes of the letters a h H A !  
  3. Meet on Monday the 10th @ regular time to critique and get GlyphsApp help from Freesia and JoYo

Note #1: You should feel free to email me while I'm away but I will not respond immediately so please make use of each other as best you can next week, many eyes are better than one set in any case, so use your peers as guinea pigs! =)

Note #2: The letters you are building in this project are NOT those that you will be making into a typeface for the semester project. This first project is a drawing practice assignment, and aimed at getting you up to speed in Glyphs. After this you will have another discrete project before moving into the large scale type design project, so don't worry too much about how viable your shapes are as the starting point for a typeface, and just try to be experimental, gathering references for the shapes you build and choosing forms to digitize in the initial ampersand set that give you as much experience of drawing different kinds of shapes as possible. The benefit of the smaller character set is you can make some weird and wild shapes and not have to worry about building hundreds of related forms all with the same level of weirdness. So now is the time to throw caution to the winds!