Information for your FINAL (So sad!!!)
Art Building 217a 
7-8pm on Tuesday the 5th of May.

Please submit both your specimens and your typeface files together on that day.

In physical form, please submit the following:

  1. A printed proof of your typeface*
  2. Your typeface specimen, printed full-color, to scale, and finished to a high-standard (Please ensure that you show your logotype alongside your typeface, in either your specimen or proof)
  3. All of your process work, including all sketches and all proofs for both your typeface and your specimen. You do not need to resubmit the sketches for your exercises, as the process work for these has already been graded. 

Some of you asked how best to contain all of this. I would suggest, if you have a lot of proofs/sketches, which you probably do by now! that a shoebox is the perfect medium for keeping all this hard work safe! They will not be leaving my office and I am aiming to have your work graded such that you will be able to pick up your projects by the end of Finals week. 

In digital form, please submit:

  1. Glyphs file
  2. OTF font file
  3. Pdf of the printed proof
  4. Pdf of your specimen (Please ensure that you show your logotype alongside your typeface, in either your specimen or proof)
  5. Your typeface brief (original and updated if applicable)

*Printed proofs
Final Proof. This is the same character set that was included in your last round of proofs but I have updated this proof to include some things that I left out originally, in particular, an all caps setting.

Numerals Proof This is just IF you made numerals. Numerals are NOT a requirement of the final, this is just for you to use if you made an attempt to make them, and if you made an attempt, and weren’t happy, please still include them here in the proof but not the specimen.

N.B. If you have more characters than are included in these proofs please make sure to include these throughout the proof’s showings: i.e. large showings, spacing strings, and text showings.