A   G R O U N D I N G   I N   L E T T E R S

Typefaces are systems. As such, they are a microcosmic example of the principles evident in the larger scope of design as a way of thinking, making and producing. 

Over the course of the semester, you will engage with, and apply, your previous understanding of structure, identity, form, and the importance of consistency, as well as honing your awareness of broader concepts, such as space, harmony, personality, idiosyncracy and a user-centered approach. 

The course consists of one main project with a variety of deliverables including a basic working typeface and a number of supplementary exercises and assignments of varied lengths designed to give context and support your learning.

We will cover the basic principles of designing typefaces, the relationship of type design to typography and graphic design, parallels in the practice of type design with other forms of design practice, and develop skills in bezier drawing and a sensitivity to letterform construction into the bargain!

This is the online home of an introductory 15-week split-level course covering the basic principles of typeface design and offered at Kent State University's School of Visual Communication Design every Spring semester.